Ghana is a country of breathtaking, unspoilt natural beauty and has diverse species of birds, butterflies and mammals like monkeys. Large game like elephants can be seen at Mole National Park while hippos can be viewed at Bui National Park by canoe. For monkeys, camp overnight at Kakum National Park and wake up at dawn to them having breakfast in the treetops. 

Ghana's national parks and reserves are controlled by the Ghana Wildlife Division and the Forestry Commission of Ghana. Most national parks, sanctuaries and reserves have a government office run by staff of the divisions.

Ghana has large and viable populations of wildlife and wild assets that support a growing eco-tourism industry to complement the nation’s strong cultural and historical attractions. A visit to Ghana’s wildlife parks and other protected areas is like walking into an interesting world of nature. Fortunately for the eco-tourism world, Ghana is only 6 hours from Europe and several airlines link Ghana to the Americas by direct flights.

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